Year 2017

BFF exhibition “Happiness” for the spinning mill autumn tour Leipzig, Germany 2017

Hope, faith, joy of life - From East Germany to West Germany. Flower vases on moving boxes. The request to leave the country was submitted. It was uncertain whether it would be approved or not. If approved, you had three days to leave the country and complete all the necessary and bureaucratic matters. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, belongings were packed in boxes and lists were drawn up of the goods that should be taken out with them. The request took 1 1/2 years. During this time the packed boxes were in the apartment. They decorated flower vases gave an image of hope and faith, joy of life and happiness. The clay boxes in this picture are the processing of the gray time, where it was difficult to see color. 100x140cm. FUJI FILM Professional Media Pearl Photo Paper 290 gsm. Alu-Dibond 3mm with matt protective film. o.R. Edition 8, price 2,500 euros